My mission(s) in life is to:

  • Truth is my only option
  • Proactively plan my life 
  • Conciously choose my emotional responses to each situation
  • Each situation is an opportunity to grow and learn
  • Choose happiness, abundance, and love first
  • Notice and use wisely the abundance in my life
  • Know the difference between needs and wants; my own and others
  • Feel FEAR and have it excite me to action
  • Experience rapture and awe in every action, word and moment
  • Take care of my needs first so that I am more vital and centered when interacting with the world
  • Practice and encourage a sense of calmness, mental strength, self awareness, accountability and optimism in my self and those I choose to surround myself with
  • Experience a Love that is honest, challenging, growing, spiritual, fearless, based in innocence, and exciting
  • Draw satisfaction from a job well done (whether it’s noticed or not)
  • Use my resources of time, energy and money to become financially independant
  • Use the earths wonderful resources with reverence and respect
  • Nourish my body with exercise, healthy food and meditation
  • Be patient with my self and others
  • Be demanding of my self and others
  • Constantly pursue new knowledge, ideas and wisdom
  • Use art as a way to learn, express myself and introspect
  • Be exotic and beautiful
  • Learn the skills needed to work for my self
  • Surround myself with inteligent and synergistic people

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