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I’m sitting here on the beach just after watching my wonderful woman enter the ocean for a pier to pier swim.entering the water

There was a madhouse of people going for the swim.pier to pier start

Along the way I reflect on how wonderful it is to have a independent woman as the person I am in relationship with. It brings a wonderful dynamic to our interactions. We are able to have our own interests and activities that bring us joy (for her swimming, for me yoga) and then come back together more energized and ready to and my loved one She is a true blessing for me and I for her. We are experiencing the type of relationship that both of us has always wanted: connected, synergistic, affectionate, and open. I hope that all of you that are gracious with your time to read my blog have or are able to find this type of love for yourself in some way. After the two of us meet up at the pier, we go to brunch at a local Mexican restaurant. We indulge in wonderfully filling tamales and burritos. On our way home we stop by the local market to pick up some supplies for the evening. We are meeting friends good friends with sun at the beach for a free concert and some food. My beloved and myself make chicken marinated in mojitos (lime and rum), a large salad, and a bean salad. I finally get to have my beloved meet one of my best friends. I get to watch and experience as my, up until now separate, worlds of passion come together and mingle. Once again I feel so uplifted by the people in my life that I feel as though I could take off and fly away.The mix of food, friends, love, and music is intoxicating. It leaves me in a euphoric state that I relish, and I take in as much as I possibly can.

May your days be long and full of blessings.


So I’m going to my uncle’s house with my dad to help set up a storage shed for his scooter. Listening to my father talk about different things going on around his house, the neighbors being disrespectful or him having to deal with transients, makes me realize how little time I spend at home. The time I end up spending there I am either in my kitchen cooking, planning on cooking, or eating. I also spend an obscene amount of time in my room with the computer- surfing the internet, doing homework, listening to music, watching videos, etc. If I’m not doing those things I’m heading out the door to school, work, or play.It’s funny for me to hang out with my dad now that I’m older. It seems as though that the two of us can now have differing opinions on subjects and not take it to personal. Even though we still get on each other’s nerves we do have more respect than we did in the past. The differences we had during my teenage years were so great that for a long time I thought that we would never get along. I we still get impatient with each other and I guess in a way with ourselves. It is wonderful now to be able to communicate with him without yelling at him.My uncle bought a scooter for himself, my father, and my mother. So me and my father drove about an hour out to my uncle’s house to assemble a shed for his scooter scooter with shed. It took about a half hour to fully assemble it, it was really easy. I think it was harder to cut up the box it came in to fit it in the recycle bin. 😛 For me it’s really a reality check to hang out with my father dad smiling and his brother my uncle. Since both of them are aging and their health is waning, I reflect on my own mortality and health in the future. I am so thankful for my relative health, and now going regularly to yoga I feel so much better. One of my goals in life is to be elegant and in good health when I’m elderly. I think it looks so awesome to see somebody over sixty years of age running around with people half of their age.Until next time enjoy your day and be healthy.

my father and is brother and sister in law

So I know that I’ve been lagging on updating this thing.  I do have a couple of reasons: summer school has been in full swing, I finally went back to work about three week ago, and I have a new wonderful woman in my life.  With all of these things going on I have had wanted to post some things but instead have just journalled the old fashion way with pen and paper, I know that makes me a sinner against the digital age but what can I say sometimes it’s just easier.  As a sacrifice to the digital gods I went out and bought a laptop today and now I’m posting from it; furthermore, I would like to take this oppurtunity to curse Costco for carrying such a good deal on a great computer.

 lake under chocolate peakbishop sunset

view from chocolate mountainanother view from chocolate peak

view from my tent

So a couple weekends ago I was lucky enough to be able to go to Bishop and backpack up to the long lake area.  The hike up was amazing and well worth every heavy step.  As always I over packed,  so I ended up carrying more things on my back than I needed.  I always bring more food than I’ll ever eat.  I keep tellig myself that buying the lighter tent, sleeping pad, and stove will make my pack lighter, but I just end up with more food.  I premade a dish I like to call the ultimate hamburger helper its real name is picadillo and I had no problem getting rid of all of it.  S made quesidillas with chicken and chillies which were a big hit with everybody. 

The area surrounding our campsite was awesome.  We camped next to a stream connecting two lakes, I know only the name of the larger one which is Long Lake.  The water was clear as glass and just warmer than freezing.  A few people on the trip were able to catch a trout , rainbow I believe, right out of the lake. The air tempurature was a comfortabe 75 to 80 degrees during the day and at night it might have gotten down to 45 degrees.  The only draw back to the weekend was the mosquitos.  I left after two and a half days in the wilderness with probably over 150 bites, most of them were concentrated on my shoulder blades.  I imagine the mosquitos hanging out in between my pack and shoulders partying down with a full bar, disco ball, dance floor, and dj; I thought it was weird to hear Crosby Stills and Nash miles from any radio or cd player. 

Since that trip I have mostly been trying to keep up on homework.  My college essay class ends here in a day or two so I’ll get a break for three weeks before the winter fall semester starts up.  I think I’m losing my wits as I’m going to attempt to take three classes: English composition, arguemetation and debate, and retake precalculus.  It is a little strange for me to schedule so many things that will take me away from work.  Up until my accident work had always taken a priority for me and now I’m trying to shift that focus into other areas such as school, yoga, and hiking.  I know it will be better for me; it is going to take some getting used to doing both school and work. 

Another wonderful new focus of mine has been this woman:sanam at the zen center

Take a minute and check out her website .  She has been a real blessing for me.  I have a hard time putting into words all of the ways she makes me feel special.  She is inspirational and extremely supportive of me going back to school, especially since it is for my own self improvement.  We share the love of cooking and hiking.  There is nothing better than being able to share my passions with her, and have her be as excited about a new hiking spot or dish as I am.  And being able to create wonderful food with someone I am falling for is great!!!  She has been a awesome and refreshing in every way. 

S organized a sierra club trip to the Self-Realization Fellowship in Pacific Palisades.  It was an amazing place covered in beautiful flowers zen center flowers, swans zen center swan, koi fish, temples, and a shrine with Ghandi’s ashes in it.  Another amazing and wonderful day.

panarama of zen centerzen center panarama 2

So until next time enjoy your life and laugh freely.

I just got back from Kern river a few hours ago. I left early in the day only because the voice in my head told me that I was done being away from home and need to get home and journal, blog, and generally recharge before the week starts. I also went to Big Sur last weekend. I had the most amazing time. I saw beauty in all of it’s forms from natural to human to conversation. The universe is currently opening up new opportunities for me it all the time as long as I’m open to them. In the past I must have been missing it because since my accident there have been almost unlimited chances for me to grow and see the beauty of life. Thank goodness for a positve additude and good karma.

But anyway here are some of the things I’ve seen over the last week or so that I enjoyed.


Mother Nature at Her Best

seal yoga

Seal Yoga


A man a work

Attached to greatness

Beauty in hand form.

Look what can a knife can doA food geek and her food

The results of food geeks working together.

A couple places to swim

Mother nature making a place to swim.

Not a bad profile 

A picture of me that I really like (one of the few)

Until next time enjoy your life and do with it as you dream!

The suggestion this week from the Scribblings is to write something about My three wishes so I'll get down to it

  1. That peace, and compassion were our only options when dealing with each other. This is actually stolen from a friend of mine.  We had a conversation about what would the world look like if this were our only options.  I know conflicts might take longer to resolve (maybe not if we had no other choices).  How amazing the world would be.  Our current state of affairs in this country would be so different, I can't imagine what our government would be focused on; Health care for all, Ridding the world of famine, Ensuring that the entire planet had clean water and food, Ensuring that those who toil in labor are recogized for their blood and sweat instead of tossed aside and used up.  I know utopian and slightly crazy but they're my wishes and I've got a good Genie.
  2. Make preserving, saving, and maintaining our enviorment profitable. This would so dramatically change the way that business and us as consumers interact with the world.  I believe that eventually in the near future that we as a planet wil have no choice but to have a way of doing just this.  It's just sad that we will have destroyed and damaged our planet so badly for this to happen.  I read an article the other day on how there are some economic theories out there on how to do just this, essentially give value to our natural resources and make them valuable enough that they can be sustained rather than stripped.  I know further craziness.
  3. That integrity and truth were our only options when dealing with each other. The problems that I experience in my life with other peolpe seem to stem from people's fear of just being truthful about themselves, their wishes, or their needs.  It amazes me sometimes the corner I can paint myself into because "I don't want to hurt someone else's feeling" or "I don't think it's the right time to talk about this subject".  Really all those statement are an excuse for me to LIE to somebody about myself, about them, about my circumstances, or about my needs or wishes.

Well there are my wishes.  I know they won't be coming true tomorrow so that's why they are called wishes.   Oh and if i were to just wish for myself : 

  1. To be happy with what I have.
  2. To meditate daily.
  3. To have the knowledge and fearlessness to own and operate a business that allows me the time, and resources to visit every part of our wonderful planet.

Thanks again to Sunday Scribblings for your inspiration, and giving me something to look forward to writing about on the weekends.