So it has been a while since my last post.  (Far to long for some, and to those out there I say: “Your life should be more interesting than mine.”)

 What has been going on in my life since the last time I posted? well I guess a good amount of stuff.

  1. Me and my love have been learning more and more about each other and enjoying every minute of it.  (yeah! for us)
  2. We went to Catalina for a vaction for with the Sierra Club.  We spent the a weekend at the boy’s scout camp which was nice for camping ; there was running water, bathrooms, and hot showers.  The weekend’s highlight was the scuba diving.  The wonderful colors and tremendous amount of fish were wonderously enjoyable.  We swam with small schools of anchovy which are silver and blue in apperance.  We also saw California’s state fish  the girabaldi.  Swimming out in the ocean, only a few hundred feet from shore, was a experience for me that took some getting used to, but once in the water and swimming around it was quite peaceful and relaxing. 
  3. I have returned to college.  I am taking two classes that will count tward my general education requirements.  At the current rate of two classes per semester I will have my degree by the time I retire.  Since I’m just doing this for my own satisfaciton I don’t have to be done by a certain time.  I’m taking debate and critical thinking.  It is interesting being a good ten years older than most of my class mates and seeing how they really don’t want to be there and the ones who do take it far to seriously.  The other day I mentioned to a classmate ‘that it is only school, it really doesn’t matter’ and was given quite the queer look.  I guess what I am refering to is that as I grow older I realize that most things aren’t that important unless you make them important, and that nobody cares what your gpa was in college.
  4. I have also bought a new stove that I love dearly.  I am a big fan of the cooking so it will come in handy.  I’m still getting used to it, but it has been nice to be able to simmer a sauce, cook rice, saute chicken, and bake a cake all at the same time. 🙂

For a preview of upcoming events I will be in Kern this month as well as going to the day of the dead in downtown la later this month.  I’m currently debating on buying a new camera as my old one had gone kablooie on me and I don’t feel like wasting another hundred bucks on having it fixed again.  So I think I will be buying a Canon s3 is in the near future.  Until next time stay safe, love alot, and laugh often.