So I’m going to my uncle’s house with my dad to help set up a storage shed for his scooter. Listening to my father talk about different things going on around his house, the neighbors being disrespectful or him having to deal with transients, makes me realize how little time I spend at home. The time I end up spending there I am either in my kitchen cooking, planning on cooking, or eating. I also spend an obscene amount of time in my room with the computer- surfing the internet, doing homework, listening to music, watching videos, etc. If I’m not doing those things I’m heading out the door to school, work, or play.It’s funny for me to hang out with my dad now that I’m older. It seems as though that the two of us can now have differing opinions on subjects and not take it to personal. Even though we still get on each other’s nerves we do have more respect than we did in the past. The differences we had during my teenage years were so great that for a long time I thought that we would never get along. I we still get impatient with each other and I guess in a way with ourselves. It is wonderful now to be able to communicate with him without yelling at him.My uncle bought a scooter for himself, my father, and my mother. So me and my father drove about an hour out to my uncle’s house to assemble a shed for his scooter scooter with shed. It took about a half hour to fully assemble it, it was really easy. I think it was harder to cut up the box it came in to fit it in the recycle bin. 😛 For me it’s really a reality check to hang out with my father dad smiling and his brother my uncle. Since both of them are aging and their health is waning, I reflect on my own mortality and health in the future. I am so thankful for my relative health, and now going regularly to yoga I feel so much better. One of my goals in life is to be elegant and in good health when I’m elderly. I think it looks so awesome to see somebody over sixty years of age running around with people half of their age.Until next time enjoy your day and be healthy.

my father and is brother and sister in law