Hello again.dog outside of retruarant

I’m sitting here on the beach just after watching my wonderful woman enter the ocean for a pier to pier swim.entering the water

There was a madhouse of people going for the swim.pier to pier start

Along the way I reflect on how wonderful it is to have a independent woman as the person I am in relationship with. It brings a wonderful dynamic to our interactions. We are able to have our own interests and activities that bring us joy (for her swimming, for me yoga) and then come back together more energized and ready to connect.me and my loved one She is a true blessing for me and I for her. We are experiencing the type of relationship that both of us has always wanted: connected, synergistic, affectionate, and open. I hope that all of you that are gracious with your time to read my blog have or are able to find this type of love for yourself in some way. After the two of us meet up at the pier, we go to brunch at a local Mexican restaurant. We indulge in wonderfully filling tamales and burritos. On our way home we stop by the local market to pick up some supplies for the evening. We are meeting friends good friends with sun at the beach for a free concert and some food. My beloved and myself make chicken marinated in mojitos (lime and rum), a large salad, and a bean salad. I finally get to have my beloved meet one of my best friends. I get to watch and experience as my, up until now separate, worlds of passion come together and mingle. Once again I feel so uplifted by the people in my life that I feel as though I could take off and fly away.The mix of food, friends, love, and music is intoxicating. It leaves me in a euphoric state that I relish, and I take in as much as I possibly can.

May your days be long and full of blessings.