I just got back from Kern river a few hours ago. I left early in the day only because the voice in my head told me that I was done being away from home and need to get home and journal, blog, and generally recharge before the week starts. I also went to Big Sur last weekend. I had the most amazing time. I saw beauty in all of it’s forms from natural to human to conversation. The universe is currently opening up new opportunities for me it all the time as long as I’m open to them. In the past I must have been missing it because since my accident there have been almost unlimited chances for me to grow and see the beauty of life. Thank goodness for a positve additude and good karma.

But anyway here are some of the things I’ve seen over the last week or so that I enjoyed.


Mother Nature at Her Best

seal yoga

Seal Yoga


A man a work

Attached to greatness

Beauty in hand form.

Look what can a knife can doA food geek and her food

The results of food geeks working together.

A couple places to swim

Mother nature making a place to swim.

Not a bad profile 

A picture of me that I really like (one of the few)

Until next time enjoy your life and do with it as you dream!