July 2006

I just got back from Kern river a few hours ago. I left early in the day only because the voice in my head told me that I was done being away from home and need to get home and journal, blog, and generally recharge before the week starts. I also went to Big Sur last weekend. I had the most amazing time. I saw beauty in all of it’s forms from natural to human to conversation. The universe is currently opening up new opportunities for me it all the time as long as I’m open to them. In the past I must have been missing it because since my accident there have been almost unlimited chances for me to grow and see the beauty of life. Thank goodness for a positve additude and good karma.

But anyway here are some of the things I’ve seen over the last week or so that I enjoyed.


Mother Nature at Her Best

seal yoga

Seal Yoga


A man a work

Attached to greatness

Beauty in hand form.

Look what can a knife can doA food geek and her food

The results of food geeks working together.

A couple places to swim

Mother nature making a place to swim.

Not a bad profile 

A picture of me that I really like (one of the few)

Until next time enjoy your life and do with it as you dream!


So I got back from Big Sur  pretty  a few days ago and saw this prompt and the only thing I could think of is how awesome it is that all of us have the ability to create the “pod” or world that we experience.  I’ve been working on and with myself to have a more positive and creative outlook on life, so that my life will be as blessed as possible.  It was great to see that by just being myself and following my intuition on who to surround myself with I met people with like attitudes of empowerment and seeing life as a playground to be enjoyed and experienced.  So the analogy of the peas in the pod works well for me.  The “peas” that I surround myself with allow me to grow and flourish and be more connected to the world that I am creating, the “pod”. 

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I’ve already expressed my love for music in previous postings and I probably won’t be able to fully express the importance of music to my life and soul. 

Even though my prefered type of music is rock and roll I have been listening to anything I can get my hands on lately (since getting my palm a 1GB card and filling it with music).  I’ve really enjoyed the new Gnarls Barkley, and Kanye West as they do hip hop in a different way at least to my ear.  I also am enjoying the new Tool and some George Thorogood.  Selecting all the music on my palm and turning on the random option has really showed me how eclectic my tastes can be (Kanye West followed by Guns and Roses followed by the Science friday podcast).  I’m so addicted to having music fill my house I’ve been looking at finding a way to afford the sonos system so that every room in the house has speakers and is playing the same song throughout the house (mmmm  surround stereo house). 

My tastes have changed so much over the years and makes it fun to listen to some of my old cd’s.  I grew up on 80’s rock and roll (Gn’R, Metallica, Pantera, etc.) and moved on to punk rock in my late teens and early adulthood.  I spent most of my time in my early 20’s at punk rock shows (pitting of course), every weekend without fail me and my friends would go to a backyard or find a club playing some punk rock.  During that same time I was introduced to ska and reggae which I enjoyed as well and filled in on the weekends we couldn’t find a punk rock show.  Now I just listen to whatever I get my hands on (this habit is getting a little expensive) that I think I might enjoy, viva the internet for providing a resource to find talent I wouldn’t find otherwise.

Music plays so many roles for me it’s amazing.  From entertainment to escape from things I don’t want to feel at the time to deeping my feelings at the time the list goes on and on.  Even as I write this I have music playing the the background.  I’m so glad to be able to share it with my friends to discover what they enjoy an to share what I’m currently into. 

Thanks for reading the ramblings

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