A friend of mine came over yesterday and we had a great time cooking in my small kitchen.  These are the results.  They taste as good as they look.

over view An overview of the five dishes we made.

salad A salad with blue cheese dressing, radishes and gargonzola.

health  Zucchini with feta and a bean, pea, broccoli medely.

lentils and black beans Pav bhaji lentils and a black bean, mango and jicama salad.  Both mm mm spicy. 

the sink afterward  The sink the morning after the evening before.

We also made roasted broccoli and garlic which was so easy and delicious it was almost insane. 

The entire experience was awesome: the cooking, the conversating, the eating.  I feel really blessed to have friends to share my life with and to make it better.

Some of the recipes came from Yogi times and Kalyn's Kitchen.