Warning: I just got back from An Inconenvient Truth so I'm a little rilled up with us as a country right now (we'll see how that comes out).   Never the less you must go see this movie it is awe inspiring and very sobering, hell take a friend or a dozen it will be worth it for you and them.

Anyways on to the scribblings.

The question was asked : if you could have ANY mystery unveiled for you, what would it be? 

Why are we (as humans) so resistant to change?

Why do we continue down paths of self-destruction knowingly and willfully?  Why do we convince ourselves that another path is harder even if it is better for us?  I know in my personal experience that when I have tried to change myself in big ways and get away from an aspect of my self-destruction it was scarry and full of excuses not but afterward it was always worth it.  Why do I sometimes desire to be with my ex-lover knowing full well that we are both healthier spiritualy and emotionally now that we are apart?  Why does my father refuse to learn new skills to provide for himself and my mother now that he is older and not able to work in the same way he used to in the past?  Why do we as American's refuse to change the way in which we use the world's resources to make money?  Why do we still think that money can't be made while we preserve our earth, instead of devouring it like unthankful parasites?  Why do we still believe that recycling, reducing and reusing is inconveniet?  Why do some think that the earth has unlimited resources for us to use? Now that I think of it if I did KNOW for sure why we as humans get stuck so easily, would it change anything.  Would it make my own change easier?  Hopefully!  I am a realist (or skeptic, depending on how you look at it) and would regretfully have to concede that it might not change anything on a broad scale.  Knowledge may be power but the real change happens in the action. 

The opposite of that same question was asked : What do I want to remain a mystery?

Is there a God?

I don't want to know.  I've made up my mind on the subject and it keeps me driven in my own life.  I believe that if the world did know for sure all it would do is cause more strife over what I see now as a moot issue.  For me there is no god, at least not like the one I was raised with in my parent's christian household.  There is no god that will save me, only I can do that.  There is no god that punishes me for my actions, reality does a great job at that.  There is no got that has a master plan for me, that's my job.  He, she, or it is to busy doing something (like creating other worlds/universes) to have time to take our responsibility from us.  There is a god that gave us the privilage of living on this earth for a short time, take advantage of it you may not get another chance.  There is a god that created the wonderfulness that is our universe, earth and lives ; appreciate it as it is now for it will change or be gone in a instant.  There is a god that gave us our awesome ability to learn, adapt and create ; let us use our god given powers to do what he/she/it did: create a beautiful, symbiotic, self-sustaining  world.

To read about other people's mysterious world.