The suggestion this week from the Scribblings is to write something about My three wishes so I'll get down to it

  1. That peace, and compassion were our only options when dealing with each other. This is actually stolen from a friend of mine.  We had a conversation about what would the world look like if this were our only options.  I know conflicts might take longer to resolve (maybe not if we had no other choices).  How amazing the world would be.  Our current state of affairs in this country would be so different, I can't imagine what our government would be focused on; Health care for all, Ridding the world of famine, Ensuring that the entire planet had clean water and food, Ensuring that those who toil in labor are recogized for their blood and sweat instead of tossed aside and used up.  I know utopian and slightly crazy but they're my wishes and I've got a good Genie.
  2. Make preserving, saving, and maintaining our enviorment profitable. This would so dramatically change the way that business and us as consumers interact with the world.  I believe that eventually in the near future that we as a planet wil have no choice but to have a way of doing just this.  It's just sad that we will have destroyed and damaged our planet so badly for this to happen.  I read an article the other day on how there are some economic theories out there on how to do just this, essentially give value to our natural resources and make them valuable enough that they can be sustained rather than stripped.  I know further craziness.
  3. That integrity and truth were our only options when dealing with each other. The problems that I experience in my life with other peolpe seem to stem from people's fear of just being truthful about themselves, their wishes, or their needs.  It amazes me sometimes the corner I can paint myself into because "I don't want to hurt someone else's feeling" or "I don't think it's the right time to talk about this subject".  Really all those statement are an excuse for me to LIE to somebody about myself, about them, about my circumstances, or about my needs or wishes.

Well there are my wishes.  I know they won't be coming true tomorrow so that's why they are called wishes.   Oh and if i were to just wish for myself : 

  1. To be happy with what I have.
  2. To meditate daily.
  3. To have the knowledge and fearlessness to own and operate a business that allows me the time, and resources to visit every part of our wonderful planet.

Thanks again to Sunday Scribblings for your inspiration, and giving me something to look forward to writing about on the weekends.