After having my accident I have been wonderfully reminded that I am not as friendless as I think I am.  I have been wonderfully reminded of how many people respect and care for me by all the phone calls and people stopping by my house to say hello and look at the damage.  It's been wonderful to see the variety.  From the ex-roommate stopping by with a couple of beers to shoot the stuff to my ex-girlfriend staying with me for 8 hours waiting in the ER.  I've had friends come over and talk about baseball, relationships, other people's broken noses, work, video games, anything to help releive my boredom and get my mind off of being hurt.  I'm thankful for all of them, it reminds me that maybe I'm doing something correct in my life.  I'm also very thankful for the help I've gotten from my parents as they have been here trying their best to make sure I'm comfortable and taken care of.  Even though sometimes the exicution of their actions goes a little awry I know that they have the best intentions at heart. 

I've been thinking lately about what relationships in my life are my most important.  With out a doubt my close friends mean so much to me that I can't even completely explain how much importance they hold in my heart.  I would have to say that some of my most fulfilling relationships in life have been my friends.  I guess for me they allow me the space to express myself without fear of repercussions or punishment.  I guess the fact as friends they don't have as much of a emotional hold on me as a girlfriend, I feel more free to express myself and just act the way I want.  Some say that then I limit the amount of emotional growth that I can acheive, I don't totally agree with that as I feel that my friends can be a testing ground for living my truth.  I also have found that friends are more accepting of change in me so if I decide to practice being more concious with my actions they don't take it personal, they just chalk it up to me being this oddball that they have grown to love and respect. 

Here's something totally off-beat that has had me laughing alot also down load the podcasts off of iTunes (Questions 15 and 17 had me on the floor laughing)

Enjoy life and please be safe out there