Pipe 1 - Face 0

Pipe 1 – Face 0

I don't even know what to say about the above picture and how it relates to me.  I look at it and it quite doesn't register that it's me, it almost looks like some sort of crazy super hero ( look out villans here comes captain swoll with his side kick gauze). 

How do you spend your weekdays?  

         This week recovering and getting ready to go back to school

Who lives in your house? 

         Me, two fish, and Mr. Blacktail (a anole lizard)

Favourite pastime and worst job? 

         Hiking,  working for my dad as a kid

Why are you doing self portraits? 

         To see what it brings up for me in my journalling and as a way to keep this blogging thing interesting. 

What does this picture say to me? 

         Beyond the initial F'ing OW!  This reminds me how fragile my body is compared to my work surroundings,  that me and my partner are the softest things on that ship.  This also brings up for me how I have for most of my life thought of myself as unattractive and how I have worked hard for the last 4-5 years to become more comfortable with my body.  That work has led to me being able to keep 80+ pounds off and to wear a smile on a regular basis, two big contributors to better self image.  While I don't feel less attractive now because I realize that this to shall pass, I also realize that continuing to do what I do at work may need to change if I want to keep my self from serious harm. 

A part of me is kinda excited to see what I look like after all the swelling goes down and only the scar is left.  It should be a doozy (13 stitches) and contribute to that tough exterior that I try to put up. 😛

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