So it's sunday afternoon and here i am just goofing with this blogging thing.  I read a blog list off of pronia about working a four day work week.  The article is interesting to me on may level as I have identified my self really heavily with my job for the last 7 years.  On thursday night i got hurt on the job, hit in the face with the end of a pipe.  With a glorious laceration and two black eyes any prize fighter would be proud of.  It seems as though when I get hurt my macho comes out in spades.  I guess part of that comes from my dad as I have seen him be in pain from some sort of injury all of his life and just work through it no matter what.  While sitting in the emergeny room waiting to be stitched up (5 internal and 13 external)  I was thinking about the time my father fell off of a ladder and crushed his right ankle, proceeded to drag himself around the house to the back door (which at the time was 3 ft off the ground he was laying on due to having to replace the back porch) get himself into the house and call his own ambulance at the time as a kid I thought that was just the apitome of tough.  I guess what comes up for me when i get hurt is to not look weak.  Which ends up having a  interesting effect on the type of care I get, since I don't end up making a whole lot of noise about being hurt doctors end up thinking that my injuries are probably not that serious. 

I get taken to the nearest hospital by ambulance ride.  I walk in under my own power just holding my face to keep the 2 inch gash from flowing blood everwhere.  I get asked a few questions about what happened and proceed to wait for the next 45 minutes to get a room in what is called fast track.  A physical assistant comes in and checks me out for a couple of minutes and then gets things prepped to stitch me up.  I guess I was the most interesting thing going on in the ER at that time because during the stitch up process I was surrounded by 3 younger emt trainees and a girl in pre-med.  They were facinated with being able to see the muscle in my cheeck move.  Anyways i get stitched up and discharged with no x-rays or ct scan looking for broken bones or possible neck injury.  At the time I wasn't really worried about it  but when I wake up the next morning and my right eye is shut.  I go back to another ER room on friday and spend 8 hours waiting for them to check me out and find that I have a broken bone under my right eyeball, nothing to worry about really I guess as it is a very small fracture. (thank goodness)

It is kind of wierd to watch myself react to getting hurt as the response is sometimes oppisite of what I think of myself as.  A better way to put it is by example: I enjoy yoga, hiking, cooking, reading, and meditation.  In general my typical guy friends at work comment that I'm a little on the soft side maybe even a little feminine especially since i don't have the facination with sports that they do.  But I refuse to be seen as a wuss when it comes to pain or injury.   When I think about it that while I'm very comfortable being seen as a little wierd or different, I hate being seen as weak.